Metz LCD Televisions come with a five year factory Warranty

Metz LCD Televisions (SOLD OUT)

Metz LCD Televisions
Made In Germany

Founded In Germany in 1938, Metz LCD Television is proudly a premium product employing technology & engineering not found in most other brands.

A Metz LCD Television may cost a little more but its technical features, quality engineering and performance are simply the best available.

Excellent quality: A Metz is more than a mere LCD Television. A brilliant picture and sound realism complement each other. Numerous tests have repeatedly confirmed
that even the most discerning have made the right choice with a Metz LCD TV.
With Metz LCD Television motion blur has been virtually eliminated as a result of faster response times & Pixel Overdrive, a video processing technology that increases pixel response dramatically for clean, fast and blur-free motion. This is also one of the main reasons why we specialist dealers are happy to favour Metz.

Technical perfection: As if you were right in the middle of action - Metz LCD technology based on brilliant, high-definition pictures combined with breathtaking sound realism to make LCD television and home cinema an entirely new and thrilling experience.

Convenient service: Metz LCD televisions are only available from specialist dealers. There are good reasons for this, namely honest consultations and a
comprehensive service. This ensures that your new television is always optimally adapted to your local reception conditions and is competently set up and connected directly in your home.


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