• GBB104iPWAKG
    RRP: $149
    Sale Price : $69

    LVertical CD Player Power Output AM/FM Radio with Digital Read-out Digital Clock -
    2 x 2W RMS Auxiliary Input AC/DC Operation - Powered off mains or batteries

    Dimensions 326 (W) x 137 (H) x 159(D)
    (Finish: White )
    Full Function Remote Control

GRUNDIG iPhone iPod Dock Alarm ClockCDS2650IP


  • CDS2650iP Dual iPhone 4 and iPod docking Station
    RRP: $349
    • Touch panel operation FM Radio Scan for your desired station - 40 presets Alarm Clock with wake up to iPod/Radio or Buzzer 2 x 5W Power Output @ THD 10% 2 x 2.5 Woofer + Passive Subwoofer Panel System 5 Preset EQ & Ultra Bass System Charges and plays music from the iPhone 4 and all iPods
      Full Function Remote Control.
      Dimensions: (H) x (W) x (D)


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